Anirudh Sharma

Android Developer, Thinker, Student

Howdy! 👋 I'm a Android Developer from India & I enjoy my time learning Android Development. I am a Student trying to learn Android Development.


Things I Can Do!

App Development

Android Development which is still i am learning but can develop some....


I am Shopping freak! And i order online alot thats why i made my own Shopping app.. :-P


I love designing apps so i love flutter alot! It makes life pretty easy..

Some Wonderfull Works


Jomkes - Jokes, Facts, Memes all at one place.

Bucket List

A simple Bucket List app.

Xylophone App

A simple Xylophone app with Flutter implementing basic features and audio cache package.


A Shopping app made in android implementing what i have learnt so far. Will Complete it as soon as possible.

Connect 3 Gawd

A basic simple looking TicTacToe game made in Android implementing some basic things. Will make some changes soon.

This Website

This portfolio is build with html, css. Special thanks to Vipin Mishra and Vipul Jha. P.S - ignore image will change it.

Some Quotes

"For me, it matters that we drive technology as an equalizing force, as an enabler for everyone around the world."

Sundar Pichai

CEO - Alphabet Inc & Google.

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